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In 2004, the Institute of Martial Arts staff members launched Detroit Helping our Youth Development (DHYD) as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit group. For nearly 14 years, owners of the Institute of Martial Arts had been providing services to low-income, inner-city children in Detroit who could not afford to pay the fees, simply because the children congregated at the center. DHYD’s goal is to improve the confidence and self-concept of these youth by teaching martial arts, mentoring and advocating for families.

The youth of Detroit are in dire need of our support. The combination of high rates of unemployment, poverty and drug use have participated in increased gang activity and crime rates in Detroit. Detroit was named the “Most Dangerous City” in the United States in 2002 and 2003 because of its disproportionate rates of murder and violent crime. In fact, recent crime statistics show that more than 800 people in Detroit were shot within the first six months of 2004, indicating a 70% increase from 2003. Detroit’s police chief has recently allocated more officers into the gang unit due to increased activity. The statistics are staggering and tragic. Now, more than ever, Detroit’s youth need recreational opportunities and positive adult relationships to prevent them from participating in criminal and gang activities.

DHYD is requesting in-kind support from organizations, and personal individulas donations. Your generous gift will support marital arts education, after school programs, job placement program, the crime and prevention program, women's self concept program and the united families program, as well as give the youth in the community a sense belonging, increase confidence, and prevent our youth from engaging in dangerous behaviors.

We appreciate your thoughtful consideration of this request. You may reach me at (313) 581-2048 to discuss our programs or any questions you may have.


Tonya Carter


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Helping American's Youth

Our Mission

Our Mission We believe if you bring young people together from different racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds and challenge them to develop their own solutions, they will respond with energy, imagination, commitment and action. Our Mission & Vision are accomplished through employing basic but powerful principles: •Safe Space •Youth-to-Youth Communication •Multicultural Bridge Building •Leadership Development To engage and develop diverse young people to positively impact their lives, their communities and the world. We accomplish that mission through programs that help young people ages 13 to 19 to use their voices for positive change

Young people involved with Detroit Helping our Youth Development Mission

To engage and develop diverse young people to positively impact their lives, their communities and the world. We accomplish that mission through programs that help young people ages 13 to 19 to use their voices for positive change. Young people involved with the Detroit Helping our Youth Development: •Write and perform their own positive message music, dance and dramatic material. •Get their voices heard through youth-driven interactive workshops, grassroots community programs, television appearances, videotapes, books and more. •Increase self respect and develop leadership skills through after school mentoring programs. The Detroit Helping our Youth Development differentiates itself from other youth service organizations in five substantive ways: •Our programs are youth-driven. Youth help to design, operate and evaluate each program. •Our programs are youth-relevant. Involving youth in the decision-making process allows them to identify the content that will keep them engaged in meaningful ways. •Our programs are evidence-based. Designing youth-driven programs requires extensive field testing and continuous improvement to guarantee success. •Our programs employ multi-dimensional perspectives of social justice, arts and culture, community organizing, social and emotional development, and workforce development, among others. •Our programs are effective. Internal program evaluations demonstrate DHYD youth improve their educational outcomes, reduce behavioral issues, address emotional and family issues with help from support services, and reach their personal, short-term goals for school and work. Our Kids uses the arts to engage and train young people to create positive and powerful solutions to issues impacting their lives. Young people learn to improve their own educational status, become agents for social change, take action in community projects, and carry positive messages to their peers, and they have a great time doing it! and perform their own positive message music, dance and dramatic material.

Get Involved

There are many other ways to support the Detroit Helping our Youth Development' exciting work with urban youth and many levels of involvement.

Please join Our Community in our mission to empower these young people ages 13 to 19 to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed in school, the workplace and life.

If you'd like further information about partnering with Helping our Youth, please indicate your interests and click "submit." We look forward to hearing from you! Private Sector Partners Corporate Partnership Volunteering Partners Circle In-Kind Donations of material and/or servicesSubscribe to Helping our Youth' Newsletter


In addition to Helping our Youth's main programs, a series of revolving programs is held during the year to address specific interests of the young people. Among others, these programs include: •New Works LabNew Works Lab gives young people the opportunity to learn how to turn their responses to important issues into songs, dance and dramatic pieces for performance by CityKids Rep. The process is supported by youth staff members who help with facilitating the writing process and creating beats for the music. This high-energy program familiarizes young people with the technical aspects of the recording industry, as well as the process of creative collaboration. •CityKids Express CityKids Express is a youth-written newsletter highlighting different issues, stories, and events out young people feel are impacting them. In addition, movie reviews and the latest information in fashion, music, and dance are included. •Creative Workshops Young people have the opportunity to share their talents with their peers. They chose the topic and method of facilitating the workshop. •Women's Empowerment GroupThese programs grew out of requests from Helping our Youth for gender-specific discussion groups in a more intimate setting than Coalition where young men and women would be able to discuss issues of a more personal nature with their peers and a social worker. These popular sessions are held frequently throughout the year. •Youth Leadership Conference twice a Year, Helping our Youth takes 50 youth out of the city to upstate New York for an intensive two-day training and project planning camp. Prior to the conference, youth work closely with staff to determine the focus of each year's Leadership conference. Participants are selected from the young people already taking part in CityKids' core programs; and any of them who have gone will tell you that in addition to having a great time, the YLC's provide young people with a powerful, self-confidence-building experience.

Donations to a Youth Charity


A Representative will always have a Company Identification, and will NEVER ask for cash.

Please join us in helping young people to positively change their lives, their communities and the world. Your support can take many forms from making a monetary or in-kind donation to getting involved by volunteering to work directly with the young people at the Detroit Helping our Youth Development or joining our fundraising activities. Any way you choose will be greatly appreciated and will help make a difference in the lives of the hundreds of young people we serve directly and the thousands of young people reached through our workshops, videos and Repertory performances.

To support our work, please make your check payable to The DHYD (Detroit Helping our Youth Development) and send to: Detroit Helping our Youth Development 16849 West Warren Avenue Detroit, MI 48228

Please contact Tonya Carter at (313) 581-2048 for further information regarding corporate support, and donations of property, bequests or other planned giving opportunities.

The Detroit Helping our Youth Development is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Partners Circle

Already leaders in a community of individuals, corporations and philanthropic foundations that support The Detroit Helping our Youth Development, the Helping our Youth Partners are the pioneering investors in a program that changes the lives of under-served, at-risk youth

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