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Defensive Tactial Training

American Defensive Tactics Schools As a member of the American Defensive Tactics School (A.D.T.), we provide the highest level of quality education and training in the fields of reality based Martial Arts, defensive tactics, self-protection, security, and safety training to qualified civilians, law enforcement, military and government personnel, corporations and organizations within the private sector. Through our specialized training units; Tactical Defense Training, Smart Moves Personal Protection, and Security Solutions, A.D.T. is a continued education program designed for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

We are one of the only martial arts schools in Michigan who specialize in ADT. A Martial Arts School dedicated to Michigan Police Officers and their Families. Serving Michigan Since 1979

Located 1 mile from the Detroit Police Academy, 1.5 mile from the Detroit 6 PCT, 2 miles from the Dearborn Police Station and 12 minutes from Downtown Detroit/Canada's boarder.

Law Enforcement Workshops

Our Professional Staff specializes in tactial training workshops to meet your needs. Please call for details!

Smart Moves Personal Protection

Executive Protection

Security Solutions

Other Workshops available

American Defensive Tactics is for individuals in the fields of Security, Corrections, Executive Protection, Law Enforcement or anyone who would like to expand their knowledge in personal protection.

We also offer great courses for assistant and instructors who train Law Enforcement, EMT'S, firemen, K-9 Units, Body Guards and Military personel.

Listed are some additonal workshops available.

Close quarters combat

Unarmed defensive tactics

Control tactics

Handcuffing techniques

Impact weapons

Security tactics

Firearms Safety

First aid tactics

Police chemical agents

Force Continuum

Felony Stops

Weapons retention

Area sweeps

Executive protection

and much more!!!!

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Special Operations

Combat principles against ambushes and frontal assaults

Empty hand force strikes for high risk confrontations

Weapon retention tactics used by special operations, scouts and snipers

Vital arrest and control techniques to manage aggressive opponents

Potent takedowns of armed and unarmed aggressive opponents

Riot sheild defense for single and multiple person combat scenarios

Entry Team Tactics



Cover and Evacuations Plus much more.

Military Operator and Instructor Course

Law Enforcement Operator and Instructor Course

Special Operation Courses

VIP Protection Course and Instructor Course

College- Law Enforcement