Our Programs & Classes

Students and enthusiasts of kickboxing have many reasons for their interest in this and other martial art styles. Some are drawn to the physical fitness and weight-loss aspects of training. Others seek to add discipline and self control to their lives. While still others are concerned about safety and self-defense.

Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, Cooper's Gym USA offers a number of programs that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule as well.

Women's Fitness and Cardio Kickboxing
We have an excellent and rewarding women's program. Our Fitness program is designed for the super-beginner. The Cardio program is designed for the beginner and the regular kickboxing is for the advanced. Cardio and Fitness Kickboxing is excellent for developing body toning and burning fat while also helping students gain confidence in self defense. We have several other programs to assist everyone in meeting their goals.

Women's Self Defense

Self-Defense Program
We offer separate self-defense programs for men, women and children.

Defensive Tactical Training

Defensive Tactical Training
Law Enforcement Agencies. Please call for details.

Karate for Children and Teen-agers
Our Karate for Children will increase a childs self-esteem while building self-discipline.

Separate Full Contact and Low Kick rules kickboxing programs.

Authentic Muay Thai

Muay Thai
Our Authenic Muay Thai is hard to find in the United States. We offer competitive Muay Thai. Classes are taught in English, however advance classes are taught in English and Thai.

Fighters Program
Our fighters program is designed members who are interested in preparing for upcoming events, and continuous training and education for amateurs, and professionals.

San Shou
Chinese Kickboxing, call for details.

Our program is licensed and approved by USA/Boxing. Our Boxing trainers and coaches are experiensed and licensed International boxing trainers and coaches, and are not martial artist. Therefore, you will learn proper boxing from great trainers/coaches.

Tai Chi and Meditation Program
Korean Tai Chi is an excellent way to relax your body, while proper meditation is way to relax and clear your mind.

Traditional Hapkido is a complete martial arts system. Hapkido includes throw, strikes, kicks, joint locks, grapping, weapons training and great self-defense techniques.


Iaido (japanese sword) Classes
Iaido (japanese sword) Classes is one of many programs offered at Cooper's Gym® - Since 1972 - Downtown Detroit, Dearborn and Warren. Call us at (313) 581-5085 to get more information about this and other programs we offer.

Products, supplies, equipment, etc
Appareal, training gear, uniforms, boxing gear, nutrition, weapons and media supplies are available online. View our catalog or store in the side menu.


Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts Classes.


Kum-Do (Korean)
Traditional Korean Sword Classes. Taught in Korean only.

One on one Instruction

Private Lessons
We offer private and semi-private lessons for our members who would like one on one training.

Muay Thai Against Drugs

Youth Development Charity Programs
Cooper's Gym volunteers and assist local non-profit organizations in the areas of education, physical fitness, and gang prevention. If you would like information on how you can help or assist for a cause, please contact the Detroit Helping our Youth Development (a Michigan Based, 501c3 community development group) at 313.581.8999 or Cooper's Gym 313.581.5085.

Manager and Matchmaker
If you are a fighter, amateur or professional who is looking for upcoming events, needs an experienced manager and/or corner, contact us. 313.581.5085.

Workshops for Charity

We offer workshops for non-profit, churches, companies, and other organizations.

Executive Boxing Program
Private and Semi-private boxing program.

Workshops for Charity

Meet and greet Sean Faris, Start of Never Back Down at our club a month before the movie comes to theatre.

World Class Muay Thai Clinics
We offer training camps and World Class clinics in Muay Thai at our gym and we can bring it to location. There is no need to go to Thailand, we will bring Thailand to you. Clinics taught in English and Thai by World Champion Muay Thai fighters.

Donofrio Entertainment
MMA and boxing events, workshops, entertainment, television, charity fundraisers and much more. For details please visit

Traditional Japanese Jujitsu.

Capoeria is one of many programs offered at Cooper's Gym® - Since 1972 - Downtown Detroit, Dearborn and Warren. Call us at (313) 581-5085 to get more information about this and other programs we offer.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our programs or would like to know about other programs that may not be listed here.