Ring - Cage Rentals & Event Consulting

We rent and sell Boxing Rings

Our rings are new USA/Boxing Approved Official dual purpose boxing rings.

We also carry International style boxing rings and mixed martial arts cages.

If you are hosting or promoting an event: Boxing, Kickboxing, Celebrity Boxing, Non-profit, Fund raiser, Commericals/Television, or you simply just need a ring, give us a call (313) 581-5085.

Our professional staff will deliver, set up and take down the ring for you.

We also carry all of the equipment/supplies to ensure that your event runs smoothly and professionally. Professional staffing is also available.

For Rentals or Sales give us a call (313) 581-5085 Weiler's Ring Rentals and Sales 16849 Warren Avenue Detroit, MI 48228 USA

Our rings have been rented by Clear Channel FM 95.5, Bond Films, Greek Town Casino, and many more.

Cage Rentals

Mixed Martial Arts cage rentals available.

Professional Event Staff

We offer top class event consulting, matchmaking, judges, referees, scorekeepers, timekeepers, marketing, event representative (lead coordinator), corner personal, DJ, singers, announcers, medical team, etc. Promoters sit back relax and allow us to assist you in making your event flow well and professionally.

Coaches Clinics

Everyone needs to continue their education in the fighting sports. We have coaches clinics for new and advance coaches.

We offer several Clinics: Equipment drills, Ring drills, Cage drills, Corner work, Cutting weight program, Punching drills, Kicking drills, Mitts and bag drills, Sparring drills, Power drills, Light and Heavy bag drills, Defense and Offense drills, Saftey Education, Footwork drills, Plyometrics, Logistics, Speed drills, Condition drills, Advance maneuvers and techniques. How to fight a left hander, slugger, fighter, runner, wrestler, etc. Strength drills, Flexibility drills, Nutrition for you fighter, etc

Cornerman Clinics

We offer cornermen clinics

How to wrap hands properly, Fight night preparation for coaches and fighters. Arrivial time, Weigh in mental preparation for fighters, Pre fight warm up, Cutperson knowledge, Organize the team, How to work a corner properly, Diet, the list goes on, etc.


How to turn a fighter into a Professional. Matchmaking and contracts. Give us a call for details.

If you are a amateur or professional looking for a home and need real personal attention to get your career going in the right direction, give us a call.

Martial Arts Master Clinics

Everyone needs leadership from time to time. As a student we need knowledge and seek this from our Instructor or coach. If you a Master in a Martial Art and are unable to continue your education with your Master or Grandmaster due to travel, work, etc. Give us a call and we will try to assist you.

Mixed Martial Arts Clinics

•Breaking Posture and Control •Stand Up In Base Escape •Kimura •Guillotine •Rotate Head From Cage •Defense Against Standing •Ground and Pound •Thai Clinch •Knee Strike •Combo's 1-2 Knee •Flying Knee •Thai Pummel Drill •Sparring •Intro To Ground and Pound (Posture) •Ground and Pound Pass •Opponent Rolls •Side Control •Pass From Side Mount •Mount • •Enter The Clinch •Clinch Up •Single Leg From Clinch •1-2 double leg takedown •Intro To Sprawling •Sprawl-Snapdown-Front Headlock