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Choosing a Good Coach

The right coach can make all of the difference.

Our Coaches are Internationally Certified Coaches with experience. Coaching amateurs and professionals are two completely different ball games. Therefore, we suggest that if your are serious about training for an upcoming event, choose a coach with experience.

We receive calls from across the country about friends who are always trying to coach friends, this is great in a few cases. However, in the fight world, a coach should be a experienced professional who has proven that he can help you reach your goals. Not someone who's trying to workout their personal bugs in learning how to coach on you. Do not be an experiment, your safety comes first. Would a NASCAR racing team put a person who has never changed a tire in the pit on a big race?

If someone has not trained and/or fought professionals, how can he help you reach your goals. Do not get us wrong there are a few good coaches who have never fought professionally, however that is one in a thousand. Do not be shy in asking your coach questions.

Again, for your personal safety, please choose a good, experienced coach.

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