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Kickboxing is very popular; especially with women, the workout is excellent for developing body tone and burning fat.

Unlike areobics, our program is designed for the individual. Our Special Kickboxing Program is a proven weight loss system. A structured exercise system that tones and shapes muscle and burns upto 600 calories. A regimen that takes only 30 minutes, a few times per week. Therefore, you will enjoy learning in a fun, safe, Comfortable and Professional atmosphere!

Women owned and operated since 1979
Since 1979, our fitness studio primarily focuses on helping women, regardless of their current shape, improve the way they look, and more importantly, the way they feel about themselves.

We are unlike other gyms/clubs, come experience the difference.

Low Impact Kickboxing Program
The Low Impact Kickboxing Program is designed for individuals who would like to lose 40 plus pounds, or for someone who like to learn in a very comfortable atmosphere. The class is a low impact fitness program with great results. This is an ideal program for people who need to lose weight, without getting burned out.

Cardio Kickboxing Program
The Cardio Kickboxing Program is designed for individuals who what to tone up and tighten those lose area's. You may want to lose a few pounds, however your goal may to tone up.

Women's Fitness Kickboxing Program
Fitness Kickboxing Program

The Fitness Kickboxing Program is designed for individuals who would like to lose 20 plus pounds. The class is a low impact fitness program with high results. This is an ideal program for people who need to lose weight, without getting burned out.

American Kickboxing Program
The American Kickboxing Program is an upgraded program that is designed for individuals who want the all in one benefit of cardio, fitness, and reality based kickboxing without the contact. You will tone, lose weight, and learn proper kickboxing. Great for self defense, cordination, balance, and building self esteem, while releasing stress.

If you have a busy schedule and you do not have a lot of time to workout but you want the best results, this may be the program for you.

Mixed Martial Arts for Women
Mixed Martial Arts training for women available. Learn jujitsu, submission grappling, boxing and thai boxing to become the complete mixed martial artist.

Women's Boxing
Women's Boxing program is fun and rewarding. Home of the Women's Irish Boxing Team!

Boot Camp Kickboxing Program
The Boot Camp program is designed for individuals you are interested in a military, very high impact training program.

Martial Arts for Women
If you are interested in self defense and the martial arts, our hapkido program is for you. You will learn the most advanced techniques in self defense and a traditional martial art that builds confidence, coordination, and self esteem. Please click on the photo for more details.


Learn to protect yourself in a comfortable atmosphere.

Women's Muay Thai - Girl Fight Club
Learn authentic muay thai. Michigan's Girl Fight is now accepting members, however space is limited.

Trainers Program
The Trainers Program is designed for individuals who are trainers, martial arts instructor, or fitness instructors. The program will cover the higher educational secrets of proper kickboxing training. Amercian's top trainers are the instructors of this special course.

If you are martial arts instructor, fitness trainer, or serious about the concepts of kickboxing training, this is the program for you.

Competition Training
Ninty percent of women are interestd in Fitness Kickboxing, however we offer separate competitive kickboxing classes for women. This is designed for women who want to compete on a local, state or international level. Some are attracted to competition because of the challenge, while others are interested in competiting professionally as a career.

Our staff has produced many national and international champions in kickboxing. Please call for details.

Private Boxing Training
Private and Semi-private lessons available. Internationally Certifited Female Trainers.

Women's Self Defense Programs

All Women's Boxing Program
Learn proper boxing. Now accepting members. A-Z boxing.

Boxing and Kickboxing combo program
The Total Body Workout

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